At the heart of our brewing operation is our exceptionally skilled brewmaster, Tim Mason, a maestro of malt and hops who seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. With a passion for the art of brewing, Tim crafts timeless classics that pay homage to brewing traditions while also pushing the boundaries with daring and inventive beer styles. At Reckless Shepherd, we’re not just brewing ales and lagers; we’re crafting experiences for both the adventurous drinker and the beer connoisseur alike.

Year-Round Lineup

Dive into the classics with our core portfolio, which features a range of timeless favorites that have become the backbone of our brewery. From crisp and refreshing lagers to robust, full-bodied ales, our signature selections offer a taste of tradition with a touch of innovation. These beers are always available on draft at the Reckless Shepherd Brewery as well as both Frisco locations.  

  • Off the Chain-Lager
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    Off the Chain

    5.2% ABV

    Behold the classic American lager. Amber goodness that releases a symphony of woodsy flavors — a harmony of distinct nutty, oaky punch that comes from the unique blend of ingredients. Brewed over beach wood for 6 weeks to deliver a simplicity and enchantment that delivers a taste beyond amazing.
  • Hasty Hazy Ale
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    Hasty Hazy

    5.5 ABV

    Get lost in this hazy pale ale, where each sip is a stroll through citrus dreams. This juicy brew, a potion of whimsy and reckless abandon, wraps your taste buds in a soft embrace of Mosaic hops. Fruity vibes invite you to sip and savor. It’s not just a beer; it’s an impulsive variety from the pale ale realm.
  • Mellow Howl-West Coast IPA
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    Mellow Howl

    6.5% ABV

    Step into the chiller side of brewing with a West Coast IPA — a laid-back cascade of hops atop a liquid wave of golden adventure. Experience the daring hop-forward flavor of this authentic style that is light enough to enjoy on an open-air escape as you embark on a journey to the beautiful beyond without a care in the world!
  • Loyally Blonde Ale
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    Loyally Blonde

    5% ABV

    Imagine golden sunlight captured in a glass. This blonde ale, a liquid sunbeam, is an easy drinker with a playful medley of Maryland-grown barley, noble hops and just a hint of peach inviting you to savor the golden, liquid joy of a loyal classic.

Limited Release Program

Throughout the year, we also craft a select number of unique and experimental brews that push the boundaries of flavor and style. These limited releases offer our customers a chance to savor distinctive and innovative creations, each with its own story and character. The program often includes many experimental beer styles, providing anticipation and appreciation for the art of brewing. 

Fourth of July Hours: 11AM - 6PM